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Premium Pellets supply premium grade wood pellets. The pellets are manufactured from renewable resources creating a long term and sustainable fuel supply with Low CO2 Emissions.

Our wood pellets have up to 7% more heating value than alternative supplies in the market.

Our Bulk Pellets are screened to remove fines and any possible contaminants at our special screening plant in Drogheda, Co Louth. Our bagged pellets for households and low volume users are bagged in 15 kg bags at the production facility and received on pallets. Each pallet contains 65 bags.

It is essential for extending the lifespan of your stove or boiler to use only good quality wood pellet fuel. Great care is taken by our production partner and supplier to ensure rigid quality standards are achieved and exceeded at all times in the manufacturing process which ensures consistency of the product we supply.

Problems can be caused in your boiler or stove by using inferior quality raw material in the production of pellets. Therefore it is very important to ensure you are using a high quality product for your stove or boiler. Cheaper prices may be tempting, but will cost you in the long run.

The pellets we supply are certified to ENplusA1 quality standard.

The heating value of our pellets is up to 7% higher than our competitors based on heat meter readings from our customer base in Northern Ireland. The pellets are produced from 100% debarked wood fiber with zero additives and they are made from softwood timber sawdust only.

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