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18 inch Kamado Egg Style Barbeque


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This 18 inch Kamado Egg style barbeque is the perfect addition to your outdoor living area. It is a two level ceramic cooking grid and it comes with a grid gripper, the ash tool, the rain cover and heat deflectors.  It is made from stainless steel and comes on a frame with castor wheels for easy movement.

Caters for all parties with the option of cold smoking, searing, grilling, baking and slow cooking, our kamado barbeque has something for everyone! Ceramic outer shell and egg design provides excellent heat retention and cooking temperatures up to 900°F (485°C). Suitable for use with charcoal, wood pellets and untreated wood logs/chips. Ventilation at the top and bottom of the barbeque gives you complete control of your cooking and airflow.

Product Details

  • Model: MCD-1800G
  • Ceramic Body Size: 7″*22.6″/47.5*57.5CM
  • Cooking Area: 210 Sq in / 1352 cm²
  • Cooking grid: SS304 / φ16.34”/ 41.5cm
  • W/G.W: 59kg/70kgMain Features: (kamado, ceramic kamado, ceramic grill, kamado grill, kamado bbq)


1· Superior heat retention makes the food cooked faster and charcoal saving.

2· All-in-one cooker works as smokers, grills, pizza oven, and normal cookers.

3· Large size suitable for camping

 4· Suitable for 2-8 Persons


All grills come with heating plate, all weather cover and ash tool kit
Limited stock available
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